3517 A tropical landscape

The strength of the desire
That I have of being
And to be
With you
And for you
It seems surely
That it will be extended
Ad infinitum.

I am a naive in the school of the delirium.
And you with your doctorates
In happiness
In wings, in clouds
In springs, lights and greenery.

I am
Firefly amid the light.

To the life
Before you,
Just tied me up
A sidereal
And faked rope,
Being a cosmonaut
Weightless on the ether
Of ephemeral beauties
Of heart,
Until you arrived
And you have become in me
The gentle waves of my sea,
Migratory clouds of my sky,
Ethereal feathers of a thousand birds,
A river current
Foam of waves,
And blowing of wind:
A tropical landscape.
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