3514 Trapped by your illusion

By that stages,
After autumns
And more autumns
I have repeated
More than a thousand times,
That it should finish
Once and for all
Of going around,
To desist of attempting
To catch
That levitated blade,
Elusive pinch,
Your changing smile
As ethereal
Blurring cloud.

To exorcize
This aged
And for spontaneous
To extinguish
This overwhelmed
Heart of mine.

But how?

If each beat, blow
Beat of peace,
Glance round,
They carry as trademark
Your name
They have for destination
Your sex,
They come tied to the nothing
That surrounds your nation.

And although I want
To allow to fall my branches,
My leaves, my nests,
In this deep night
I feel
That I am occupied by your kisses
Trapped by your illusion.
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