3501 This trill that got stuck in my throat

My body?
My body can be
For the bone-crushing
That inhabit under the line
Of the south of Sahara
Or for the insatiable ones
Furious piranhas
Of the mighty Orinoco.

My body can be
By wild animals,
Asp vipers,
A horde of locusts,
The cutting,
The hopping,
And the stripping one,
Hallucinating marabunta
Of animals
Of the whole earth,
It can be swallowed
For a leviathan,
Roasted by the breath
Of mythical dragons,
For horses at full gallop
As if were
Túpac Amaru,
But my heart
Oh! My heart
How I make you understand
That my heart
It is safe
In the coffer
Of your love,
That I have separated
The wheat from the weed,
That my rose of the winds
Just points
To your look,
And that me
I am a shit
When you ignore
This trill
That got stuck
In my throat.

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