3583 The dove of the deliriums

I need to rotate around
To a different sun,
To navigate a diverse sky,
To pose my foot in new earth,
To renovate the intoxicated air
In my lung,
I want to listen the din
Of an anonymous Big Bang
Right at the door of my eardrums,
I need to feel the finger
Of the creator of dreams
The genesis
In my contour.

Just because
Of the desire of you
That grows me inside
I have been diagnosed
A sunken gondola,
A cracked amphora
An empty trunk of pearls,
I am an extended heart,
With my silenced throat,
My wings are wide open.

I hope that comes triumphant
The dove of the deliriums
And it fertilizes me inside
Of the myelin and marrows,
To reaffirm my belief
In love.
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