3730 Ten thousand butterflies

Ten thousand butterflies
Autonomously flying
Over the undermined field
Of my stomach,
Apparently without
Recognize the governing
Laws of gravity.

Beating his frantic wings
According to the Doppler Effect
Increasingly, each time
That you wandering
Back and forth

And I wonder
If my heart
Will withstand without bursting,
This exhaustion, restlessness
This uneasiness.

If I can stand
This blue
Of your planet
The distant coldness
From your stars.

May I
Surpass this day
Turning around you
As a roundabout,
Rickety carousel
That goes with my broken
Mandala, I'm just
As sprocket wheel
Dancing alone,
Without perceiving
The wave spectrum of your laughter,
The ripples of your hair
The vitalizing glow of your eyes,
The tender caress
With which my whole
Softened body trembles.
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